Their story began when Valerie Boffy, freshly returned from her successful Mount Everest summit bid, in the spring of 2012, decided to put an all-female team together to trek to Everest Base Camp. As she had done for many years, she wanted to continue to raise awareness and funds for Women for Women International, a charity that helps women from war-torn regions rebuild their shattered lives.

Together with Christine Amour-Levar and Karine Moge, the trio formed WOAM - a non-profit entity - with the strategy of organizing and promoting a yearly campaign, and an expedition to increase visibility, and to raise money for a cause that they believe in wholeheartedly.

In an effort to end violence against women, an independent, self-funded, all-female team of 12 women from Singapore and Europe embarked on a 10 day trek, across a politically charged region of the Middle East, in an effort to raise awareness and funds for women survivors of war, victims of human trafficking, and rape.

As a token of support, Perlota created a Hamsa hand woven bracelet with 18k yellow gold, especially for the WOAM team as they embark on their trek to Jordan. The custom-made bracelet uses the Hamsa hand symbol, which pre-dates Middle Eastern faith. This symbol is associated with the feminine entity of the Phoenicians. This goddess symbol is believed to offer its wearer protection, good health and fortune.

Additionally Perlota was pleased to contribute a bespoke 18k Wholeness Necklace as part of the silent auction held at the fundraising event 1,001 Nights Under The Stars.