Created in 2003, PERLOTA started with a distinctive and exclusive line of luxuriously holistic accessories for newborns and children. The finest hand woven and embroidered natural linens, sweet and gentle words engraved onto gold medallions, personalized silver rattles and mother of pearl charms pampered and cradled our treasured little ones.

In 2007, born from a desire to celebrate the Goddess within, PERLOTA introduced the first collection of fine jewelry for women. PERLOTA is dedicated to enhancing the sensuality and authentic beauty of every woman to a state of innate wellbeing. Powerful gemstones and magical colors combined with a gentle phrase, a delightful incantation and impactful symbols harmoniously results in unique and inspirational collections. To ensure the highest quality, materials are sourced from around the world. PERLOTA prides itself in offering handcrafted pieces made from carefully selected precious, semi-precious stones as well as precious woods and rare golden south sea pearls.

With timeless elegance, the purity of PERLOTA shines and offers a feeling of wellbeing through tokens charged with meaning. Personalised attention coupled with quality and fine workmanship makes each of PERLOTA's creations an irresistible gift of love.


Perlota Designer

French designer Sophie Bennani Pendleton’s inherent sense of beauty and taste for travel, have carried her inspiration across the continents.

From Casablanca, where she is born, Paris, where she is raised by an artistic mother and to the United States, where she takes her first jewelry making class at the age of sixteen. She then studies art history and design, but her burning desire to reconcile her creative instinct to her affinity towards influencing people in discovering each other’s true inner beauty, led her instinctively to pursue degrees in communications and psychology.

When moving to Asia, she discovers eastern philosophies and in 2003, her passion quickly blossoms into the conception of PERLOTA. A line of holistic accessories for newborns and children is a spontaneous inspiration for the mother of two beloved sons.

As a natural evolution for a woman with life experience, Sophie feels an intrinsic need to honor the feminine essence - its inner strength and beauty. In 2007 her first fine jewelry collection for women emerges. Ever since, each of her creation is synonymous with wellbeing, elegance and sensuality, designed and handcrafted with the sincere intention to be an uplifting talisman like a guardian angel looking over us.

Today, Sophie continues to follow her lucky star between Paris and Singapore, creating beautiful jewelry with designs as unique and original as ever while communicating a universal message of love.


I believe our happiness is directly affected by the well-being of our soul and by our surroundings. We can achieve holistic well-being by connecting with our heart and soul and by sharing our joy and compassion with those around us - only then we can find inner peace. I think of jewelry as much more than mere ornaments but rather personal and unique pieces to be an extension of ourselves and which can reflect our personality, dreams and ideals. Personally, I feel that a cherished piece of jewelry can enhance our ability to be in touch with our emotions; creating a positive state of mind to better help us reach out to others. I hope you enjoy wearing or giving this jewelry as much as I have enjoyed creating it! 


There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life - happiness, freedom, and peace of mind - are always attained by giving them to someone else. 
PC. March